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2 December 2015

Christmas Tree

 2015-12-02 15.00.57

Do have a look at our beautiful Christmas Tree, decorated today by each and every Dolphin pupil!

18 November 2015

Year 1 – Presentation by Mr Myres

Mr Myres (father of Alice in Year 2) visited Year 1 pupils who are learning about the weather. Mr Myres was an officer in the navy, and he told us many interesting stories about the weather at sea. We watched a video of a helicopter trying to land on a boat in a storm, and we learnt about how sailors deal with fog and hurricanes. We also saw what Mr Myres wore when he was working on naval ships. It was a fascinating presentation. Thank you, Mr Myres!


17 November 2015

Foodbank Trip – St Mark’s Church

November 2015

A huge thank you to all of our Dolphin families for your Harvest donations last week!


17 November 2015

D.T. Day Update

November 2015

On the last Friday of half term, Dolphin School had its first D.T. day for all the children in Years 3-6. The aim of the day was for each pupil to design and make a bag from scratch. We were extremely fortunate to be able to kick-start the day with an inspirational talk from a young bag designer called Matt Dusting. He started his company M-24 which makes bags out of recycled lorry sidings. IMG_8902


4 September 2015

Summer Production 2015, Pictures are up.

Check out our Summer Production 2015 Album.

An amazing script, audience, props, costumes and a totally amazing cast.

Well done to all that were involved.

17 June 2015

Class Update: 1KR

June 2015

This term in Class 1KR we are learning about plants.

This week we are learning about how seeds grow and by planting our own in the outdoor area.

17 June 2015

Class Update: 4MH

June 2015

This week Class 4MH are learning about the Neolithic Age in History.

This is the period in the stone age where the people went from being hunter/gatherers to farmers and they began to live in one place.

8 June 2015

Class Update: Reception LN


In Reception LN our topic is ‘Growing and Planting’.

The children completed instruction writing – How to plant a bean and then








Also, we have turned our Role – Play area into a Garden Centre, where we have displayed our pictures and what we have learnt about planting and growing seeds.



Mrs Nike’s Reception class have also been working in the Maths area and concentrating on ‘Independent Maths Sentences’.



8 June 2015

Sports Day Pictures are up!

We now have our Sports Day album up in the picture gallery section.

You will need your parent password to view this.

8 June 2015

Sewing Club Update


This weeks sewing club were busy creating bead bracelets,

these are just a few of the wonderful personalised pieces;