Creative Endeavour

We believe that creativity is at the heart of every pupil.  Therefore, the arts at Dolphin aim to provide pupils with  rich opportunities for pupils to express themselves.  Each subject area uniquely works to ignite ideas, from which grow glorious expressions of self, relationships and the world.

There are three strands to creative endeavour at Dolphin: Music, Visual Art and Drama.


Music is taught throughout the school by dedicated specialists.  In the Lower School (children of pre-prep age) the pupils learn key concepts through a programme largely guided by the Kodály method.  Children are introduced to key musical concepts and notation through fast paced enjoyable experiences such as listening, singing, games and movement. Then, in the Upper School, once the pupils have developed a strong core understanding of musicality, they continue to be introduced to a vast selection of musical genres.  They explore musical concepts through singing, composition, historical studies, listening and movement.  For those Upper School pupils who have a natural interest in choral singing, there is an opportunity to audition for our popular choir, which, performs a wide range of music.

In the Spring Term, the pupils take part in a concert which showcases the wide variety of music taught at Dolphin both in the curriculum and peripatetically.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts are a celebrated throughout the school.  In the Lower School pupils weave their artistic endeavours into their class and project work. Their curricular learning is facilitated through a selection of creative outlets.


In Year 3 the pupils’ work becomes more focused as they are taught by a professional artist and teacher.  Through the remainder of the Upper School journey, the pupils focus on learning the key elements and principles of Art and Design and move from being ‘students’ of art to ‘creators’ of art.  The artwork becomes increasingly expressive and explorative as they move up through the school.

Each year we celebrate the work of our artists in a whole school art show. Each child chooses one piece of work to be framed and added to the gallery.  This event is a wonderful opportunity for our entire school community to come together.


The final aspect of creative expression at Dolphin is in our Drama.  In Reception, pupils explore far-away worlds and magical life processes through a wonderful programme of music and movement.  Then, from Year 1 onwards, Dolphin pupils are taught by a Drama specialist.  They explore various aspects of theatre craft from enunciation to improvisation, script writing to stage direction, and character development to motivation.  Pupils have the opportunity to perform in assemblies, at Christmas and in our much anticipated end of year productions.


The end of year productions bring the whole school community together in a spectacular retelling of a well known story.  These productions are full of life due to their spectacular sets, vivid costumes, dynamic dances, moving songs and, of course, engaging acting.