Leavers’ Destinations

Dolphin pupils leave to a wide range of schools in the immediate area and beyond. We give great support and consideration to parents as to the next choice of school after Dolphin.

Leavers’ Offers and Destinations 2019

Leavers’ Offers and Destinations 2018

The following are schools to which our pupils have moved on to over the last 3 years.

Alleyn's School
Broomwood Hall
City of London
Dulwich College_300x300
Dulwich College
Emanuel School_300x300
Emanuel School
Francis Holland School
Ewell Castle_300x300
Ewell Castle
Fulham Boys school_300x300
Fulham Boys
Saint Cecilia's
Hall school wimbledon_300x300
Hall School
Ibstock School_300x300
Ibstock Place
James Allen’s Girls’ School_300x300
James Allen's Girls' School
Lady Margaret School_300x300
Lady Margaret
Reed School_300x300
Reed's School
Royal Russell
Box Hill School
Caterham School
Streatham & Clapham High School_300x300
Streatham & Clapham
Thames Christian School_300x300
Thames Christian
Northwood Senior
St John's School
The Oratory Prep School
The Laurels School
Sydenham High School_300x300
Sydenham High
priors field
Prior's Field
Trinity School (Croydon)
Tudor Hall
Whitgift School_300x300
Whitgift School
Woldingham School
Worth School
Torquay Boys' Grammar School