Upper School

Ages 7-11

Welcome to the Upper School.  As Dolphin pupils progress from the Lower School, they move up towards the next phase in their education. Prep aged children (Years 3-6) progress through a robust, 11+ focused curriculum. Pupils not only have the security of having their own inspiring class teachers but they also enjoy the expertise and passion of subject specialists in Art, Music, Drama, PE and Spanish.

We aim to keep our class sizes small.  In that way, we are able to understand each child’s unique potential.This, combined with our unique pastoral approach, allows each Dolphin pupil to be known and loved, and therefore, to thrive!

“This is a warm school where you feel cared for.”

Dolphin Pupil

It is not only the way in which we implement the core curriculum that we are proud of, but also in the cherished values that pervade the school day. All of our children benefit from an all-inclusive approach to sport, music and productions.  Each child has the opportunity to represent their school, in each of those disciplines, regardless of ability.

Our modern approach to learning beautifully balances innovative teaching methods with traditional techniques while infusing the learning with up-to-date technology.

Dolphin School
COVID SLUMP? (Not at Dolphin)

Despite the lockdown, pupils at Dolphin have continued to work hard and flourish in creative ways.  Some year groups have now returned to school while others continue to benefit from our comprehensive Remote Learning programme.

If you are worried about your child experiencing the ‘COVID Slump’ and falling behind, or are just looking for a school where your child can thrive, click here to find out more.

There are limited spaces available in some year groups.

We are offering free registration until 8 July.