Our Day

Every day at Noah’s Ark is different! Whilst the routines of the day provide a sense of security for the children in their knowledge that certain events happen each day, the rhythm of each day also allows for flexibility. This allows for moments when a child is filled with wonder and curiosity or is deeply engrossed and focused in their learning, for that to go on uninterrupted. We want to ensure the children are given time and space to explore. The classroom and environment changes to meet the needs and interests of the children so that each day is a new chance for exploration – whether it is something completely new or a continuation or enhancement of an activity or resource that has particularly harnessed the enthusiasm and attention of the children. Each day the activities and events of the day will include:-

  • Welcome and settling in time
  • Independent, child led activities in a variety of areas
  • Focus activities, whether focusing on a particular topic/theme or in numeracy and literacy, led by the teacher
  • Story time/Bible time
  • Creative activities – art, DT, music, storytelling, cooking
  • Physical activities – drama, movement, Dance and Sports lessons
  • Snack and circle time
  • Nursery assembly
  • Outdoor activities

Throughout the busyness of the morning or day, we want to ensure the children are at the heart of the curriculum, so that activities and the environment are inspiring and relevant to the children and provoke a high level of engagement and deeper learning.

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