Healthy Eating

During the period of Early Years education, a child grows and develops at a significant rate and nutrition during this time is essential to support optimal health. This stage of a child’s development is also a great opportunity for laying the foundational habits around food and eating within a social setting which will serve them well throughout life.

At Noah’s Ark Nursery Schools we believe that appropriate food choices can help children learn more effectively. The correct balance of nutrients can support concentration, promote calmness and maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.

Children need to develop healthy eating and drinking habits while they are young, as poor eating patterns are extremely difficult to break the older we become. Normally, the typical child’s diet today is high in fat and sugar, low in fibre and low in vitamins and minerals.

Children need to learn to be taught how to take responsibility for their eating patterns, health and quality of life and to start to understand the complexities associated with food and its production.

Noah’s Ark asks parents and carers to join with us in promoting a healthy lifestyle.


  • To encourage both healthy eating and regular physical exercise.
  • To give children an awareness of the consequences of healthy and unhealthy choices.
  • To promote actively the choice of healthy options for snacks.


  • Children are offered water or milk at snack times and have access to water throughout the morning.
  • Snacks offered mid-morning are a variety of plain biscuits, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, breadsticks, crackers, hummus, amongst other healthy choices. Children are encouraged to try all foods.
  • Children will be taught about keeping healthy.
  • Each Noah’s Ark is a ‘nut-free’ zone due to the prevalence and severity of some nut allergies.
  • In special circumstances, such as birthdays, we are happy for children to bring in birthday cakes, but parents must take due care of any allergies children in the nursery may have. A list of ingredients must be provided, whether the cake is home-made or store bought, to ensure safeguarding against any allergy concerns. Teachers will advise on this.
  • We request details of allergies from parents before children start at nursery and revise school guidelines and the Healthy Eating Policy accordingly.


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