Dolphin Outdoors

No playground? 2 minutes walk from Dolphin School lies Wandsworth Common. We pay for our own dedicated space set amongst trees and a playground (for our younger explorers), so pupils can enjoy their breaktimes outside. Our playground doesn’t have concrete or bricks; it has sticks, mud and bugs. Children play traditional games such as hide and seek, or football, or simply enjoy the fresh air with their friends.

As part of our uniform, our pupils are equipped with clothing which allows them to use the common all year round and protect their formal school attire to keep them safe, warm and healthy. Dolphin pupils are hardy and venture out all year round at least twice a day.

Our Garden gives children the opportunity to work in small groups to plant seeds and nurture growth, have a living understanding of the seasons and the conditions in which plants thrive. In the warmer months, smalls groups frequent the garden for reading sessions, learning support or art lessons

Where we can, we will get ourselves outside, whether for play or learning, we love to get out into the community on the common, at the Library or visiting local shops as part of our topic work.