Life Education

Life Education encompasses all the ways in which we teach and learn at Dolphin and is the multifarious way in which we ensure that our ethos is dynamic and all pervading.  It includes everything from the welcome into our building, the atmosphere of our school, the school’s priorities, and the attitudes and responses modelled by staff who are as much the lesson in themselves as the givers of the lessons, to school trips and the tangible elements of specific lessons such History, Geography, Science and Relationship Time.

Relationship Time

At the heart of Dolphin School are relationships and each class begins the day with dedicated ‘Relationship Time’.  This is a space set aside to explore, in a nutshell, relationship with others and relationship with God.

The foundation for all exploration as a class is laid in coming to know, appreciate, and understand one another first.  This means lots of talking together, listening, sharing, reflecting, and creativity.   Relationship Time is a space to consider relationships and aspects of faith such as worship, prayer, Bible stories and memory verses, and to learn about a variety of faith traditions. Pupils may be invited to ponder on all there is to be thankful for, to bring up concerns, and to pray.

During Relationship Time, pupils may investigate aspects of health and well – being, discuss British values , and debate pertinent issues such as environmental concerns.  There is time to consider the theme of the year and to think further about its relevance and application as introduced at Assembly.


Friday Assembly

Weekly whole school assemblies, to which parents are warmly invited, are another aspect of Life Education.  Here, with representatives of the whole school community gathered, the annual theme is unpacked each week, using the springboard of a Bible verse.  Assemblies are variously led by the Principal and members of the Senior Team, as well as by different classes inspired by Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

Assemblies, whilst being an act of worship rather than a show, nevertheless lend themselves to imaginative and joyful expression.  The Bible verse, which will be memorised by pupils the following week, is presented in a manner which is sometimes thought – provoking, sometimes amusing or sometimes wondrous, and sometimes a combination of all these at once.

During Assembly, there is also a time to sing and pray,  and a time to celebrate – sporting and other achievements, and each child is invited to come to the stage during the week of his/her birthday so that cheery Happy Birthdays can ring out from all the community.


At Dolphin School, we believe that Life Education embodies all the facets of life needed in order for our children to embrace life in all its fullness.