Each day at school provides an opportunity for children to stretch their understanding and display their thirst for knowledge. We also provide a raft of enrichment opportunities where learning occurs in exciting and different ways.

In Reception, we invite grandparents or special adults, to come in to work alongside their grandchildren in their classrooms and stay for tea. Lower School parents join us for Family Night where parents work in partnership with their children in their classrooms to create something special.

Throughout the school children come off timetable to participate in Theme Day which is often inspired by a visiting speaker or group, in line with the theme for the year. The whole school gets involved in the Christmas Fair, spearheaded by POD (Parents of Dolphin) and every child participates in our fantastic, vibrant and colourful end of year production. While our oldest pupils take the main roles, the whole school comes together in a memorable celebration, ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ being the last two productions. Parental support with costumes, set and props make these performances a culmination of community effort.

As pupils progress up the school, they have opportunities to be involved in the Christmas Carol Service, Dolphin Concert and House Football. The Upper School pupils relish the challenge of DT Days. Then, in Year 6 pupils perform to an audience of thousands in the annual Wintershall production of ‘The Life of Christ’. Children work with professional actors and immerse themselves in the performances.

Every week, parents are welcome to join the school for assembly and at Christmas they join and take part in our Christmas Carol Service. The Parents’ Choir is a highlight.

We also look for educational enrichment for our parents with regular maths, reading and e-safety night sessions as well as a Launch event each September to outline the year ahead. A “Get Ready” session for new Reception parents helps them to prepare for their child’s start at school, while “Get Ready” in Upper School helps parents prepare for transfer to secondary schools.