Sporting Pursuits

We strongly believe that involvement in sport and physical activity is an essential part of each child’s development. At Dolphin School we aim to offer a wide variety of sports, encouraging each child to extend his/ her ability.

Right from the start of their Reception year, all the children have specialist PE sessions. In the Lower School this includes Dance, Gymnastics and a wide range of team games.

The key areas of focus at this stage are the basic movement skills: kicking, throwing, catching, running and balance. These are combined with the early introduction of teamwork and game play.

From Year 3 in the Upper School the focus shifts to a number of different sports:

  • Autumn Term:    Cross-country, Football, Netball
  • Spring Term:     Rugby, Hockey, Dance, Gymnastics
  • Summer Term:   Athletics, Rounders, Cricket

Here at Dolphin we are proud of our inclusive approach. We aim to involve all pupils in competitive fixtures against other schools.The number of fixtures increases as the children progress through the school; by the end of their time with us, all of them will be frequent ambassadors in  representing the school in sporting fixtures.

Every year we compete in a variety of ISA prep school events, such as cross-country and skiing, and regularly take part in prep school tournaments and inter-school fixtures. Other opportunities for sport at Dolphin include our annual Sports Day and other House sporting events.

We place great importance on respect and fair play, particularly the ability to win and lose graciously,  to persevere and work hard when a game gets tough and to work well within a team.

Both our sports curriculum and the wide variety of clubs on offer serve to promote within each child a life-long love of physical activity.

Dolphin School
Senior School Fair

Senior School Fair

Dolphin School is also hosting a Senior School Fair on Thursday 16 May from 18:30 – 20:30.
The event is open to all our parents and to other local parents who may be considering independent secondary schools for their children.
For more information and to register, please click here.