At times in life there are indescribable events where the circumstances surrounding the occasion align perfectly. Sometimes they are predictable and can be engineered, however, at other times, they are intangible and mysterious but add to the overwhelming sense of awe and wonder.

This was our experience on Thursday. Our termly Design Technology day was a radiant combination of collaboration, creativity and ingenuity. Pupils worked enthusiastically together to create meaningful totem poles inspired by those found on the Northwest Coast of North America. The sense of synergy was palpable throughout the day as our pupils worked in mixed aged groups to create poles which celebrated our Houses’ heroes of faith.

In the end, having been suitably energized in a zoom conversation with First Nations tribal chief and master totem pole carver Guujaaw, the pupils saw the fruits of their labour raised in magnificent splendor in Friday Assembly.

See our instagram for a Reel of the day!