We were treated this morning to a very special assembly from Dr London and a collection of his woodwind
pupils playing the flute and clarinet. Joey and Hugo performed a duet on the clarinet, whilst Allegra performed a
piece with Dr London on the Flute. He then performed The Pink Panther on the saxophone, accompanied by
the wonderful Mrs Oram. The assembly was aimed at promoting music lessons at Dolphin School. Pupils from
Year 2 upwards can try the flute or clarinet, whereas the saxophone can be trialled from year 3 onwards,
depending on the size of hands and fingers!

After half term, we are also hoping to arrange taster sessions on the violin, viola and the trumpet. Instrument
lessons are a very important part of a child’s creative development, but also offer wider experiences when
performing in ensembles, building routines, confidence and resilience. We are deliberately beginning with
instruments which can be easily formed into ensembles and will look to expand the instrumental provision
further as soon as is both appropriate and practical to do so.

If any pupils would like a trial lesson on any of these instruments please do email Mrs Saunders for more