What a delight poetry week has been so far! On Tuesday, we were entertained by our award-winning visiting poet, Neal Zetter, who performed a number of his amusing poems for us in assembly such as ‘I’m Not Too Told to Own a Teddy Bear’ and ‘Blah! Blah! Blah!’ Neal then spent the remainder of the day working with each year group to inspire them into creating their own poems on our school theme for this year: celebration and joy.

The discussions and ideas that flowed from the classrooms were a real inspiration to all and the resulting poems were an absolute joy to read.
Every pupil from our Year 1 Pearls up to our Year 6 Aquamarines has worked hard over the last week to learn a poem to recite in front of their class. The effort that went into memorising the poems and adding extra touches to the performances has been very impressive, and we are grateful for the help that no doubt was given at home.

The fun continued on Thursday during our poetry assembly, when we were treated to a performance by the finalists from each class. Enormous congratulations go to Kezia, Matilda, Caleb, Danny, Joey, Reuben and Willow for seeing off the strong competition from their classmates. Their poems ranged from thought-provoking to laugh-out-loud silly, and each performance was filled with confidence and creativity. There were even some special appearances from a few members of staff throughout the assembly. Our overall winners are Kezia from the Lower School and Reuben from the Upper School, who will perform their poems once again in tomorrow’s assembly. Very well done Kezia and Reuben!

Sofia’s poem:
Kindness is…
Kindness is the warmth of a polar bear, cuddling you when you feel down.
Kindness is the brightness of the sun, shining down on earth.
Kindness is the blue sea, that the Lord has made.
Kindness is ice cream, that fills your mouth with fluffiness.
Kindness is God’s creation.
Kindness is the wideness of kindness.
Kindness is the love of your dog when they come to your door and wait for you.
Kindness is the tastiness of sweets, sugar and marshmallows.
Kindness is our class.
Love | Wisdom | Truth

Felix’s poem:
Kindness is…
Kindness is fizzy and funny and fluffy,
Kindness is flamboyant and joyous and caring,
Kindness is delicate and squishy and full of life,
Kindness is radiant and soft and bright.
Kindness is yellow and pink and green,
Kindness is maroon and turquoise and silver
Kindness is everywhere in everyone,
Kindness can be deep down or close up in our hearts.
Kindness is a dog ready to cuddle you and lick you clean,
Kindness is a lollipop sweet and long-lasting,
Kindness is a mother happy and caring,
Kindness is an undesirable love.
Kindness can unite nations,
Kindness is a protective blanket wrapped around your soul,
Kindness is a bird with two bright yellow wings,
Kindness is what will help the earth when we need it.
Kindness is the key to a better world,
Kindness will connect us when we are out of reach,
We need kindness, we shall crumble without it,
It will keep us safe and block out evil.