Year One Pearls had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Mr Gosden. They went armed with some excellent questions and spent twenty minutes talking to him about his new role as Headteacher of Dolphin School. After they had sat down around the table, Mr Gosden asked them whats on the agenda, and so the questions began!

Here are some of them:

How did you become a Head Teacher? (Theo B.)
Why did you choose Dolphin School? (Theo W.)
What is the favourite bit about your job and why? (Sam)
Do you like being a Head Teacher and why? (Archie)
What things do you need to do your job? (Gikeno)
How do you know what to say in Assembly? (Lauren and Timothy)
What things can we do to help you? (Ethan)
Kezia enjoyed talking to Mr Gosden about his music.