Our Year 4 pupils have turned their worlds upside down to learn all they can about a little country at the south western edge of the Pacific Ocean called Aotearoa/New Zealand.

They are becoming so well versed on the physical and human geography there so, as a challenge, they were asked to devise some really tricky open-ended questions to interview some guests who have: lived there, been there to play sport, visited as a tourist or taught in the schools.

 Here you can see Mr Wright sharing his sporting adventures ‘down under’ and Miss Boulby sharing photos of her epic trip to the Antipodes – if you look really closely, you might even spot a few more Dolphin teachers she travelled or met up with. What great information we gleaned from our generous guests and it hasn’t stopped there! Next week, we hope to welcome another surprise Dolphin teacher who taught in the very same New Zealand school that Ms Rogers taught in. Who could it be? It’s a small world after all.