After a very unusual term of remote learning and bubbled schooling, yesterday was a wonderful opportunity to exercise our creative muscles while celebrating our annual theme, Vision.  The pupils began the day virtually meeting the ‘Charming Chilean Illusionist’, Thomas Dixon, who dazzled with a few tricks, then walked the pupils through the secret art of ‘sleight of hand’! (  The rest of the day was filled with scientific exploits, learning about the eye from an ophthalmologist, studying the history of photography and creating sunprints and pinhole cameras! Creatively there were workshops on how to draw the eye, origami and creating optical illusions.

The pupils also experienced the thrill of taking part in ‘breakdance battles’ and the sport of Visually Impaired Football.  We had a most wonderful Theme Day, giving us a new perspective and a fresh way of looking at the world.

A few mighty quotes from the day:

  • “It was the best day I’ve ever had!”
  • “I wished there wasn’t a holiday because I love school!”
  • “Blind football was really fun because the games were really cool.”
  • “I loved break dancing and having a dance off between the boys and the girls.”
  • “The illusionist was amazing. How did he do those tricks?”
  • “Pinhole cameras are so awesome! My photo was epic!”