This is the month for making the garden a paradise for our feathered friends. We have been discussing how we can help the birds during winter and the children have set up a bird feeding station for a variety of foods, as well as a bird table, ably helped by Mr Southworth. They have been planting spring bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, alliums and crocuses; also herbs, including lemon verbena, lavender, tarragon and hyssop. Other new additions are winter wildflowers, pansies and violas; an orange berried pyracantha; a viburnum, and pink and white heathers. Pupils have also planted some winter vegetables and are watching our colourful summer chard and spinach continue to grow. In spring we aim to plant lots of flowers that will attract a variety of pollinators.

The joy of the garden is that each year pupils can try something different and learn more about cultivation and the importance of growing food and flowers. Do ask your children about their time in the garden as they are very enthusiastic.

Much of this is made possible thanks to your generosity: many of you have kindly sent in your receipts from Neal’s Nurseries. We put your invoice total onto the Dolphin School Privilege card and earn lots of points which have enabled us to buy plants, bulbs, and the bird feeding stations as well as wonderful bags of compost. Please continue to send in your Neil’s Nurseries receipts to Mrs Benson, however small, and she will ensure that the points are added to the school garden card, ready for lots of lovely plant buying in the new year. Thank you for your help – the children are really benefiting from time in the Dolphin garden.