Matilda wrote the following response to William Blake’s poem entitled: London.
She has used a refrain and also five other poetic devices.

London by Matilda

That’s London there you see,

Just round that house,

And passed the plain tree,

And through those flowers,

Through those leaves,

That’s London there you see,


Do you see that building?

The Shard so high,

It’s like it’s scraping the clouds,

And almost touching the sky,


As you meander passed the Tate,

And down to the Thames River,

As it writhes through the city,

The lights dance and glimmer,


As you get closer to my house,

You can hear the trains clatter,

As the pigeons above coo and chatter,


As you sit on your bed,

With your chamomile tea,

While most people are sleeping,

Except for the city,


And that’s London you see.