There was a buzz of excitement as we gathered at the station, each one of us eagerly anticipating becoming a WW1 soldier for the next three days. The journey flew by in the blink of an eye, and suddenly we were immersed in the Dorset countryside. Having successfully bridged the moat on Wednesday afternoon, we were formally enlisted as soldiers and given a silver shilling as a reward. Thursday, well what can we say … every type of weather (yes, even snow!) and mud, mud and a lot more mud!

Our time in the trenches really brought to life just what the war was like for the soldiers and how awful it must have been. Going over the top was probably one of our most memorable yet slightly harrowing experiences of the trip. Placing a poppy in remembrance of those wonderful men that fought for our freedom was certainly all the more poignant having just been in a trench. Hooke Court will certainly be a trip that we will remember for a lifetime! – Zach