How wonderful to see the incredible creativity that went into producing such a marvellous array of costumes depicting our children’s favourite book characters!
Thank you for supporting our World Book Day activities so wholeheartedly. The staff were crayons this year, in assorted colours, based on the very entertaining book, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, by Drew Daywalt.

The children’s enthusiasm for the book characters they represented will spread the joy of reading and inspire other children to dip into new books. Enjoy the pictures which reflect the happiness of the day.

This morning the author Alexander Stewart shared her book, ‘Everest – the remarkable story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’. This is the breathtaking story of how two very different yet equally determined men battled frost-biting temperatures, tumbling ice rocks, powerful winds and death-defying ridges to climb the world’s highest mountain. Upper School joined these two unlikely heroes on their most amazing adventure and discovered that hundreds of men and women were involved in helping Hillary and Tenzing achieve their goal.

During the morning, every child was able to make a purchase from the book sale. Thanks to all of your donations, we had an abundance of high quality items on sale. A special thank you to the parents who helped sort the books in preparation for the sale; many hands did indeed make light work!
During afternoon break, the children who wanted to stay inside had the treat of being read to from their favourite books.