On Monday, exclamations of delight and discovery could be heard from Year 6 as they joyfully participated in an enterprise project led by Mrs Griffith. The “brief” was to create their own limited edition, bespoke room spray using the 4P model: product, price, people and promotion. It was a beautiful opportunity to dovetail maths, science and creativity together.

The pupils had to decide on a dominant base note for their spray, committing to a percentage of the 50 ml atomiser. Top notes of bergamot and rosemary filled the air while the pupils created a perfect blend of floral waters and essential oils. Understanding the science behind emulsifying oil and water as well as creating a perfect blend to create an uplifting spray or a calming one, was challenging. Once they had done this, they then had to convert the percentage into actual ml of the container, pouring geranium or lavender into a beaker before adding the top notes of carefully selected essential oils. The oils were measured out in drops, 20 drops were equivalent to 1 ml.

After that, they had to calculate the cost of their spray, taking into account the different prices for the essential oils. Profit and loss were discussed in preparation for the forthcoming Year 6 enterprise project. Mrs Griffith shared information about her beauty company Rosalena, inspiring the pupils to create a product that was both beautiful and ethically made. The afternoon was devoted to identifying a market for their product and promotion. A good day was had by all!