Never has Year 2 moved so silently through the school as they did to meet predators with sharp beaks and lethal talons.

Awaiting the children with swooshes and screeches were Simba, a Tawny Owl, Accio a White Faced Owl, and Midge a very excited Barn Owl! Keeping very still, (remembering if prey doesn’t move an owl can’t see it!) the children were introduced to each owl and learnt all about their different habitats, use of camouflage, feeding habits, and how they use their wings differently to fly.

With so many jaw-dropping new facts to digest, here are just a couple you may not know: Apologies to Christopher Robin, but owls are in fact not especially intelligent or wise! Owls are unable to move their eyes, which is why they can turn their heads 270 degrees. Some owls have such special powers they can hear the heartbeat of their prey.

We all agreed it was a privilege to see these birds close-up and learn from an expert the trials and tribulations of the life of an owl.