On Thursday 3 October, Year 4 Emeralds went on their much-anticipated trip to the Thames Explorer Trust at Kew Bridge. We started the day finding out where much of our London water is stored.  Who knew there were water tanks for the whole of London so close to us here at school! Much to our delight, our entertaining leader Simon, gave us a very interactive and hands on experience learning all about the River Thames, from where it starts at the source, to the mouth which flows into the North Sea. After a spot of lunch, once kitted out in our wellies and donning protective gloves, we excitedly set off for the Thames foreshore. You can only go onto the foreshore when the tide is out as otherwise the foreshore would be covered with the water from the river! With much enthusiasm all of Year 4 measured the cleanliness, acidity and speed of the river, and found different creatures that live within it. Did you know that the River Thames is one of the cleanest rivers in the world?  All in all, we had a very exciting and enjoyable trip, even if we were followed by a very persistent swan!!