Anyone looking for a new career?  Look no further; Year 2 are now fully qualified to advise YOU!


Looking like the young professionals they aspire to be, the Year 2 Sapphires began their commute to Kidzania with empty purses for their first fully paid day at work.


With so many career opportunities to choose from it was hard to know where to start – perhaps they could be the next James Bond, learning to spy for MI5 or scale the dizzy heights to keep The Shard windows squeaky clean. Or maybe the inner voice was ready to be released on the radio airwaves, bringing breaking news to the nation.

By lunch, the children were quickly learning the value of hard earned cash!  Some of our future Alan Sugars were then eligible for the much desired credit card. (Don’t worry, no overdrafts permitted!)

After a full day’s work, Year 2 returned to school with much to discuss around the boardroom table.