We walked into the imposing looking hospital building and were led by the hospital director straight into an operating theatre! There we were faced with an incredibly life-like prosthetic body, open at the chest revealing the heart. After we had prodded and poked at it, we were told that it is the one that is used on Holby City! Our minds were then blown by the sight of a real vein that had been taken from a human leg. The consensus was that it looked similar to a squid tentacle with suckers. As we entered the second theatre, there on the table lay a dissected pig’s heart- a source of fascination and intrigue to us all. After a spot of dissection, it was off to ‘play’ with some surgical equipment and technology. We were mesmerised by the 3D glasses and screens and how they enable surgeons to perform complex operations. As we approached the final theatre, it was the smell that hit us! It made us all feel a little queasy. The reason for the stench was two pairs of pigs’ lungs, one being ventilated, the other ready for us to have a try at! Once we overcame the smell, we were able to prod and poke and learn a great deal from the very knowledgeable surgeons. The memorable trip concluded with the opportunity to insert a needle into a vein. We saw, felt, smelt, heard and LEARNED so much on this awesome trip.

  • I will remember this day for a long time.
  • I felt an exhilarating feeling in my tummy.
  • I started quivering like mad at the sight of the real heart.
  • A glimpse into the world of being a doctor!
  • What an amazing trip!
  • The most information I have ever received.