Last week, Year 6 Aquamarines were active participants in ‘The Life of Christ’, which focused on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The play was acted out on the Wintershall Estate, an area of extraordinary natural beauty within the rolling landscape of the Surrey Hills. This epic open-air performance took the audience back in time to the Palestine of Jesus’ day. It was a moving and authentic re-enactment of the remarkable events of Jesus’ life.  Each day, we followed Jesus around the Wintershall Estate as He shared his wisdom with the multitude. It was easy to imagine what the disciples were thinking and experiencing in First Century Israel.

It was an honor to be part of a professional play directed by Ashley Herman, a West End theatre director. To be working alongside the Wintershall Players, who are renowned for their re-enactments of the Passion of Jesus in Trafalgar Square was a privilege. It was joyous to be in such beautiful surroundings, even though the weather was not always on our side!


My favourite Wintershall memory was:

‘Teaching by the lake has stuck in my mind because it made me feel as though I was talking with God’  – Marie

‘Being with Jesus’ – Christal

‘I had goosebumps every time Jesus healed the leper!’ – Ami

‘It is like a jigsaw; the story of Jesus is all coming together now’ – Dougal