Year 1 began their Plants topic with a trip to Kew Gardens. They took part in a workshop called “Plant Hunters”, in which they learnt about the different parts of a plant, and why each part is important. Using their detective skills they identified 3 different trees by looking at their trunks, leaves, seeds and fruit. The Treetop Walkway, through the canopy, was an exciting way to explore a forest. However, one of the definite highlights this year was Kew’s new Children’s Garden. The climbing equipment and slides proved to be a great hit, and it was hard to tear ourselves away at the end of the day.

Here are some comments from the day:

It was a really beautiful trip.  I absolutely loved all the different colours of the trees and plants.

Kew Gardens was very quiet and peaceful unlike the bus on the way there.

Absolutely amazing!  The workshop was epic as we did a lot of experiments and stuff.

It was great because we got to go to the Children’s Garden.

I loved it when we were plant hunters.

I liked it because we could look at flowers and nature.