In the early hours of Monday 13 May, fifteen flour babies arrived in Year 5. They were greeted by 28 enthusiastic new parents whose job it was to care and tend for the imaginary needs of their babies. Names were chosen, birth certificates created and godparents assigned and the nursery was declared open!

Throughout the week, the babies continued to develop and thrive under the watchful eyes of Year 5 and their host of babysitters. The babies were lovingly rocked during assembly and pushed and carried up to the Common each break time without fail.

Mrs Oram and Mrs Shahpazova observed the exemplary communication and cooperation that Year 5 showed in parenting their bundles of joy and were immensely proud of the responsibility and kindness that was shown during the week. We are happy to report that all the babies survived the project and many were subsequently turned into delicious cakes and treats, which were enjoyed by all on Monday.

This is what some of the children had to say about the project:

The things that helped my group work well together was agreeing and not being selfish

I was surprised by how fun it was! I thought it would be nothing but hard work but it was really enjoyable. 

My advice to someone looking after a flour baby is to not give it to your baby brother or sister and don’t forget it or drop it on the floor.

I have learnt that you need to be responsible and you need to work hard and cooperate with your partner.

Listening to each other helped us work well together.

I learnt that being a parent is very hard because it is a lot of work to be with the baby all the time