On Sunday, The Dolphin School Shakespeare Club went to the Globe Theatre. It was an insightful and an amazing experience! We had an exclusive tour of the costume department, where Florence managed to dress in full Elizabethan costume! We also had a tour of the Globe Theatre itself, and unquestionably enjoyed learning about the ‘penny stinkers’ or the ‘groundlings’. In the early 17th century, audience members only

 paid a penny to see one of Shakespeare’s remarkable plays – they were both stinking and filthy. They had to stand, in contrast to the rich who came to the Globe and sat

down to show off! We all had an incredible time and really enjoyed having this amazing experience, and found it fascinating to find about how people of that period lived. There is only one word to sum up this trip: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Evie, Year 6