Design Technology is, in its purest form, a beautiful process.  From inspiration to conception, then development, building, tweaking and finally, evaluating – it is a full, complete and satisfying process.

Last Friday our Upper School pupils engaged in the Amazing Marble Run! This was a  DT challenge that proved to be an inspiring experience (and neatly fulfilling all of the various aspects of an excellent design project)!  Pupils in the Upper School were put in mixed age groups and given the challenge to create an ingenious Marble Run.  The concepts were varied (and wonderfully creative).  There were many moments where pupils had to rework ideas until they finally came up with a working solution – not unlike the story of James Dyson!

In the end, each group voyaged around the school, marbles in hand, to test each other’s marble runs.  The pupils voted and determined our 3 finalists. In the end, one group, ‘Aqua Rush’ stood to hold the DT Day Trophy high above their heads – crowned DT Day Champions 2019.  The feedback from both pupils and staff alike, was resoundingly positive. A triumph.