Yesterday Year 1 visited Wandsworth Recycling Centre. We enjoyed watching the rubbish trucks bring in the rubbish, which was weighed, and then sorted, using conveyor belts and a huge magnetic claw. We went outside to see the containers, which carried the rubbish that could not be recycled, down the Thames to an incinerator, where it is burnt and used to create electricity. We took part in a very interesting workshop on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We learnt about how glass, paper, plastic and metal can be recycled, and what we can do to reduce waste in the first place.


This is what the children said about their trip:

My favourite bit was having a tour and seeing hundreds of worms in the compost.

It was interesting when we saw all the machines in the video.

I liked the machine that picked up the rubbish and moved it along.

I liked the caves that they heaved the rubbish into.

My favourite part was seeing the claw grab the rubbish.

My favourite part was seeing all the tin cans crushed into cubes.