Reception Diamonds crossed the Thames last Thursday to embark on an intrepid Minibeast Hunt starting from the Ecology Centre at Holland Park. On our arrival we were greeted by peacocks and learned about Milo of Croton whose statue and inscription amongst the tulips reminded us not to show off! We then ventured across a waterfall in the Kyoto garden and encountered enormous fish.

Our next stopping point was a huge sundial with sculptures of tortoises at the base. After lunch we met Trevor in the Ecology Centre who taught us about the difference between different groups of Minibeasts. It was at this point we entered the wildlife area and collected as many Minibeasts as we could including beetles, slugs, centipedes, millipedes, woodlice and spiders. We even discovered a couple of toads under logs. We were careful to return each creature to its home.

On our return to the Ecology Centre, Trevor showed us an African Giant Land Snail and a Tiger Hissing Cockroach. Some of us were brave enough to hold or stroke them! We enjoyed a great day of fun and courageous investigation!