Wow! What a fantastic project this has been for our Aquamarines. From the early days of building a team and deciding on a product, to pitching their business plan to Mr Wood, the children demonstrated their increasing business prowess. The school hall became a hive of activity in production week, with all their hard work coming to a dramatic climax in our fantastic sales day.

Thank you so much to all of you who bought bags and bags of popcorn throughout the week and purchased cakes, flapjacks, peppermint creams and candles galore! The amount of profit that each group raised and the overall winning team will be announced in assembly tomorrow!

Here are some of the Year 6 project evaluation comments:

I loved the Dolphin Apprentice because I love making things and working in a team.

Teamwork is hard!

This project was harder than I expected; the real world is tricky!

One of the busiest months of my life!

A fun experience but not always easy.

I learned some skills for the real world.

This was such a fun project because I loved coming up with business ideas.

This was the best time I have had at Dolphin!