Last week the Year 4 Emeralds set off on their adventure to ‘The Mill’ with high spirits and excitement building. Fortunately, the rain stayed at bay for most of the day and we were able to immerse ourselves in the outdoor activities planned. Teams raced across the countryside, using clues and hints to help them, and were seen trudging through mud to ensure they reached their goal. We then spent the afternoon balancing on tightropes, dodging puddles in go-karts and learning new circus tricks, some of which required great focus!


That evening, the children tucked into a delicious home-cooked meal where second helpings were welcomed after all the hard work from their day of exploring. Nonetheless, there was still room for a toasted marshmallow as we gathered around the campfire, enjoyed a few songs and gave a time of thanks.


The next morning we were onto even more activities which many children had never experienced before. We learned that making rafts involves tying a variety of knots, and lots of patience! All the children and rafts floated successfully as pupils worked in a team to row their way across the lake. A flurry of kayaks were seen zigzagging their way around each other as the children tackled the art of steering. It was a joy to see their faces light up as they embarked on the new, and slightly daunting, watersports.

What was wonderful to see throughout the whole trip was the incredible level of teamwork and comradery that took place. Alongside laughter and fun, pupils were helping each other through tricky challenges and supporting each other when morale needed boosting. Well done to all our Year Four pupils for making this year’s Mill Trip a truly great experience.