Year Four were thrilled to have our own resident Northern Irish national, Mrs Keenan, visit them on Monday. Cloaked in green, Mrs Keenan was keen to share her extensive knowledge of the life of St Patrick, the patron saint of her homeland Ireland, with us. We thoroughly enjoyed our visual tour around the Emerald Isle and heard much about the history of the land. In fact, as you can see – we learnt so much! Thank you Mrs Keenan.

‘He got kidnapped by pirates!’ – Oskar

‘How did he escape back to England?’ – Connor

‘It is not about the leprechauns, it’s about Christ’ – Emma

‘The three leaves of the shamrock are the Holy Trinity’ -Thomas

‘I wonder how he actually got the snakes out of Ireland?’ – Francis

‘They have an Irish dance for St Patrick’s day’ – Frankie

‘I learnt that the Americans celebrate it too!’ – William

‘The people in Chicago dye their river green’ – Jessica