Rumour has it that on Tuesday afternoon, the school was unusually quiet. This was because a large majority of Upper School pupils had abandoned their classrooms and journeyed to the Royal Albert Hall to participate in Prom Praise. It was an extraordinary opportunity to perform at the world-famous concert hall and spirits were high as we made our way through London. Our first glimpse of its curved walls only cranked up the excitement levels, but nothing could quite prepare us for what awaited us inside. In every direction, children (all four and a half thousand of them!) from 64 schools across the South East of England were buzzing with anticipation, and the atmosphere was electric!


After an afternoon of rehearsal, we were ready. The orchestra had tuned their instruments and silence fell over the performers and audience alike. As the music started and we stood up to sing, the noise of our voices rose and mingled with the thousands of others, creating a wall of sound that washed around the Hall. It was a delight to watch our Dolphin children be a part of something so momentous. The whole evening was a triumphant celebration of the story of Exodus and God’s love for us, told through a medley of songs, dance, drama and a Mexican wave of paper. A feast for the eyes and delight for the ears, it was a truly exhilarating and spectacular experience to be clapping, dancing and singing together praising God!