This year we explored our annual theme, The Seasons, by looking at ways to ‘love our planet’.  The pupils took part in an array of activities which helped them understand some of the issues at play in our world and how various cultures positively protect and embrace their environment.  The day began with a celebration of creation involving a herbalist and a guest band.  Then it unfolded further with pupils taking part in various workshops including Aborigine dance, Inuit games, tea tasting and tonic making, an interactive Rainforest theatre workshop, and a hands-on recycled paper bag activity.

Here are some reflections from Dolphin Pupils:

  • “I liked making a paper bag. Also I liked making my own logos for recycling and learnt lots about the environment.”
  • “The drama of how devastating deforestation is was absolutely incredible!”
  • “I really enjoyed the jungle themed workshop because all of the characters were hilarious.” 
  • “I loved making our own tonics because we got to choose the herbs we liked to make a remedy for my cold and coughs.”
  • “A day filled with learning, dancing and acting.”
  •  “I enjoyed making the recycled paper bags because we made it from scratch, they were surprisingly strong and we got to decorate them too!”
  • “I enjoyed learning about the way we treat our world and what we can do to help.”
  • “I absolutely loved making my bag. I am going to carry my water bottle in it!”
  • “I learnt so much about deforestation.”
  • “The actors in the rain forest debate were really professional.”
  • “Theme Day is awesome!! “