On Monday 3 December, Year 6 were transported back in time to 1844. As they donned their attire for the day, they realised it was not going to be like any other way they had ever experienced!

The morning was dominated by very strict lessons in Arithmetic and Writing. Any slight mistake was dealt with most severely. The ‘thwack’ of the cane resonated around the building! A visit from the stern Headmaster and School Inspector left a lasting memory etched on the children’s minds.

The afternoon was far more relaxed as the children were treated to Parlour games and Christmas tea. The day was finished off with rapturous singing around the Christmas tree.

A few quotes from the day:

  • “I was made to stand with my hands on my head while the Headmaster gave me a stern telling off!”
  • “We had to use hard sticks with what seemed to be sharp daggers at the end of them to write with.”
  • “Dark blue splodges filled my page- handwriting was a disaster!”
  • “The tea party was amazing- we even got to pull our hand made crackers!”
  • “My plate was piled high with everything the table had to offer!”