On Monday Year 1 received an unexpected call for help from the Toy Museum. Their archive was in chaos, and the curator’s job was in danger unless we could sort out all their old toys for them as quickly as possible. The children were given the chance to play with the toys, and whilst doing so learnt that toys in the past did not rely on batteries, electricity or plastic. They then sorted out the old toys into various classifications: toys that depended on gravity, on eye tricks, on spinning, on clockwork or on music. In the process they had a lot of fun, as these photos show!

These were some of the children’s comments afterwards:

I liked sorting out the toys.

I liked making the Jack in the Box.

I liked the toy that you squeezed and then the little zebra flipped over.

Lots of the toys used gravity to work.

It was interesting sorting the toys into groups by the way they worked – like gravity, or spinning or eye tricking or musical.