On a blustery Thursday morning in mid October, Year 5 set out on a trip to the British Museum. After piling onto the coach, we made our way through South London, across Waterloo Bridge, past Somerset House and through Aldwych to Bloomsbury where we disembarked and headed towards the entrance. We had had a busy journey, spotting all the famous landmarks on the way.


Having put our coats and bags away, we split into three groups and ascended the grand staircase to the Sutton Hoo Gallery where we went on an Anglo Saxon treasure hunt. We learnt so much and really enjoyed writing down our favourite facts and drawing detailed observations. We were amazed to find both the Sutton Hoo mask and its replica side by side and spent time drawing comparisons.


Just before lunch we were allowed to run on the green outside the museum. It felt incredible to have our playtime in the grounds of such a magnificent building. Our voices echoed through the columns as we played Chase and British Bulldog.


After eating lunch in the Education Centre we spent time brushing up on our knowledge of the Romans and making links to the Anglo Saxon era.