There was much anticipation and excitement as Year 2 boarded the overground to KidZania to take control of their futures! Having watched adults using credit cards, there was a race to earn over 70 Kidzos (hard cash) and head to the bank for their very own credit card.  Parents can now sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that their children are now able to clean windows, deliver parcels, land a Boeing 757, make chocolate, operate on an animal, extract a tooth and extinguish a fire!


I loved the ‘Metro’ activity because you got to make your own newspaper.

It was amazing! I couldn’t choose what to do; there were so many great things!

I liked being a policeman because I had to keep people away from the fire.

All of the activities were brilliant; I just couldn’t fit them all in one day!

The ambulance was fun because you had to help people who got injured in the fire.