As part of our topic on “Our Community”, Firefighters from Battersea Fire Station paid a very exciting visit to Year One. At the end of playtime the whole school watched as they drove their truck onto the Common, with lights flashing. They showed Year One all the equipment they use, and each child had a turn at using the hose. A few cars and passers-by were caught out by the force of the water as the jet went as far as the other side of the road! Back in the classroom the firefighters talked to everyone about fire safety, and answered some very interesting questions from the children.

“I liked the hose we got to use.”
“I liked wearing the helmet, but it is too heavy to wear all the time as I would get a sore neck.”
“I loved getting all the gifts from the fireman. They gave us stickers and rulers and a cool activity pack.”
“I really liked the big fire engine!”
“The water hose was awesome and we sprayed right into the tree!”
“I really liked the water shield.”