Reflecting Dolphin

A new year always comes with fresh perspective and vision.  Our staff team began the school year with a workshop wherein they explored their ideas about the essence of Dolphin.  Drawing from a large range of photos each staff member chose a picture which they felt best represented Dolphin School.  So inspirational was the exercise that Year 6 followed suit. Here are some of the chosen photos and their reflections:

“A walk through a forest – with looks the colours of flame – can’t see path ahead, except for a light at the end. It’s quiet, just the leaves crunching underneath. But whether afraid, or at peace, one is never alone. There are angels amongst the trees and the Spirit leads.”

“… I trust you on this adventure. Working, walking together. I am here to help, support, encourage you to shine, grow and hopefully fulfil your God-given potential. You are safe and you are loved.”



“The learning journey to success has many different paths; the way to get there is different for every individual. Regardless, reaching success has a feeling like the view at the top of this mountain.”

“Fanning into flames a passion for: God, learning, fun, being an individual, exploring, love, life, enjoyment and being creative.”









“The houses are all close together and, at Dolphin, the children are all close together!”

“I chose this picture because school is hard work but also full of fun, laughter and friendship.”

“There are lots of different faces.  They are all unique. They are all together. And they are all happy.”