Reception Diamonds – Sea Sound Scape

9 June 2022

In  Reception Diamonds on Tuesday we created a sea soundscape. We listened to a song called The Seas are Deep and then thought of words to describe the sea such as ‘Smashy’ (Flora). We drew a picture to show which instruments we could hear when and then experimented with different percussion instruments such as maracas, a rain stick (that Leo played) and drums including an ocean drum that Jude played. We are very proud of our final performance. We hope you like it.



Ode to the Queen – RR Y5

9 June 2022

It’s three o’clock on Christmas Day,

It’s time for the queen’s speech hooray,

There’s pics from Battersea and Bath,

And lots of people smile and laugh,

She gave some people the name of sir,

A very busy pensioner.


She talks about when times are tough,

With the Covid crisis it’s been quite rough,

But she’s in community,

Visiting schools and sailing seas,

On her back I see her tinsel gleam,

She really is a servant queen.


Turns out she’s boss of the English Church,

Which explains the talk about Jesus birth,

She said he lived unselfishly,

Despite some great adversity,

It sounds a bit like what she does,

No wonder she’s so dearly loved.