Why Dolphin?

At Dolphin, we balance academic excellence with the holistic development of each child.

Education is a journey, and each journey begins with a single step – in this case, the first step through the school door.  One step must necessarily follow another as the pupil progresses, guided by his/her teachers, through a series of attainable targets over seven years.  Then he/she leaves through that same door, ready to face the challenges of secondary school and life beyond.

What sort of journey is this?  It is a steady journey of seven stepping stones.  The journey is safe because the child always has a guide, a teacher whose face is turned both towards the child (in care and concern) and towards the destination (the end of each academic year and  the end of primary school).

Dolphin School
COVID SLUMP? (Not at Dolphin)

Despite the lockdown, pupils at Dolphin have continued to work hard and flourish in creative ways.  Some year groups have now returned to school while others continue to benefit from our comprehensive Remote Learning programme.

If you are worried about your child experiencing the ‘COVID Slump’ and falling behind, or are just looking for a school where your child can thrive, click here to find out more.

There are limited spaces available in some year groups.

We are offering free registration until 8 July.