Allegra’s Story

Allegra wonderfully embodies an archetypal Dolphin pupil in every way. She joined Noah’s Ark Nursery and Dolphin School in 2015 in our Reception class and has continued her journey through the school until Year 6. She was the first of four siblings. From the start, she has embodied what the school stands for, and has continued to shine and promote these values today.

A vibrant, academically strong and kind hearted pupil, Allegra has thrived at Dolphin School. She is ethically astute and globally aware with an agile moral compass, able to communicate on current issues with confidence, balance and integrity.

We have been impressed by her ability to offer challenge and discourse in the classroom, reason with her peers and teachers and understand the importance of her faith. Academically, she has worked incredibly hard to receive offers at all four of her chosen secondary schools; Woldingham (Academic scholarship), James Allen’s Girls’, Emanuel and Sherbourne. Allegra has reflected on the last three terms of her journey at Dolphin School:

Outside of the classroom, Allegra is equally strong. A flourishing flautist, member of the girls’ football team (virtually unbeaten this season) and promising artist, she typifies Dolphin life – creative, gritty, compassionate and purposeful in her approach to everything she does. A mentor to younger children, she inspires them with her kindness and warmth.

Allegra is now turning her mind towards life in secondary education with all the fun, challenge and opportunities it presents. Many secondary school headteachers reflect that they can spot a Dolphin School pupil when they meet one. Allegra will undoubtedly be no exception. And whilst the values of the school are evident in Allegra, the impact of her values will be imprinted into the sedimentary layers of Dolphin School over the years to come.

Allegra is just one of a highly successful class in 2022 who will leave Dolphin School on a new journey.