Welcome to Dolphin School.

Located in the heart of the Northcote Road, Clapham Junction, we are a school brimming with life, love and learning. A proud Christian school, our children explore their academic and creative journey, personal development and friendships, underpinned by their Ethos.

The School is built on values such as individuality, relationships, moral compass, and respect. Dolphin School is unashamedly a family school and we work tirelessly within our community to provide a broad and diverse educational experience – pupils live and breathe a sense of school ownership that binds the Dolphin community in a way that I have rarely seen before.

Following relationship time every morning, our children embark on their learning journey with confidence in processing and articulating their sense of inquiry and adventure in their work. This allows our pupils to discover through creativity, make mistakes and build resilience carefully guided by their teacher. As our pupils progress through the school, these behaviours for learning refine and they develop expertise at negotiating new concepts, skilfully acquiring and retrieving existing knowledge to support their wider learning. This allows them to prepare for those all-important 11+ examinations with outstanding success to some of the best senior schools in London.

But, school isn’t just about academics. Through our learning, we encourage our girls and boys to be confident, compassionate and understanding of each other’s needs. They are self-assured and adaptable, accepting of change and willing to be flexible in our ever-evolving modern world. Locally and globally aware, our children are emotionally adept with a firm grasp on their connection to their neighbourhood, but also their planet.

Whilst Dolphin pupils are robust London children, they are also friendly, welcoming and willing to go the extra mile.

Sam Gosden, Headteacher