Prospective Parents


  • In the inserts section, you will find information about term dates, current school fees and extra-curricular activities as well as the range of secondary schools typically attended by Dolphin leavers.
  • If you think Dolphin School might suit your child and your family, please phone the Registrar on 020 7924 3472 or email her at to arrange a visit. Visits take place at fixed times during the week and include a chat with the Principal and a tour of the school on a normal working morning.
  • The next step (before or after your visit) is to register your child, and the registration form can be downloaded here.
  • If you are interested in Dolphin School, you are encouraged to register as early as you possibly can, as your registration date will inform your position on the list. Siblings of Dolphin pupils are given priority and a proportion of places are reserved for children attending Noah’s Ark Nursery Schools (prioritised in order of registration date).
  • Children who join a class other than Reception are invited to join their prospective class for a Trial Day to see if they would fit with ease into the existing community. More details are available from the Registrar.
  • The school doors open each morning between 08.30 and 08.45. There are staggered departure times between 15.25 and 15.45 according to age. After-school clubs are available for older children on Monday to Thursday between 16.00 and 17.00. Children in Reception are dismissed at 12.25 on Fridays during their first year, and at 12.25 on Wednesdays in the Autumn Term in order to effect a happy transition and to preserve energy levels!
  • You are invited to join us for Friday Assembly – a service where the whole school comes together to celebrate our relationships and achievements.
  • Dolphin children wear a school uniform, and the Uniform Policy is upheld robustly. This relieves pupils of anxieties over wardrobe and image, builds a strong school identity and enables the children (who are by far our best advert) to represent the school with pride in the local community.
  • Homework starts with plenty of reading practice, and gradually expands to include spelling, Maths, English and other subjects. Our aim is that children complete homework daily as early in the evening as possible, spending about 10 minutes each day in Year 1, 20 minutes in Year 2, 30 minutes in Year 3 and so on.
  • The school’s most recent ISI report can be viewed here.