Prospective Parents

The Dolphin Philosophy

Let us take your child on a journey

Use the letters below to navigate your way through the Dolphin philosophy

  • A school is an intricate web of relationships with strands running in all directions between the Governors, the Principal, staff, parents and pupils. Dolphin School’s Christian ethos places these relationships at the heart of school life. We keep our classes small so that we can personalise your child’s learning. Our starting point is knowing, and our aim is to get to know your child deeply: his/her strengths and weaknesses, joys and triumphs, fears and concerns, gifts and talents. How does he/she learn best?
  • We can’t start to learn until we know and accept ourselves. One of our first jobs is to encourage children to value themselves and their own gifts so that they can, in turn, learn to value the gifts of others. This will lead to a peaceful community, which forms the right context for learning. We are all different, and we learn differently. Our job is to try many keys as we seek to unlock your child’s potential.
  • Now, from a place of peace, within the context of love, your child is ready to leap into Dolphin School life. He/she is ready to dare to have a go, to risk a wrong answer, to try ideas out. He/she is ready to seize every chance to grow and learn. He/she is ready to face the challenges of life in a community, to grasp every learning opportunity that he/she is given, to ask questions and to wrestle with answers.