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The Dolphin journey

Stepping stones

Education is a journey, and each journey begins with a single step – in this case, the first step through the school door. One step must necessarily follow another as the pupil progresses, guided by his/her teachers, through a series of attainable targets over seven years. Then he/she leaves through that same door, ready to face the challenges of secondary school and life beyond.

What sort of a journey is this? It is a steady journey of seven stepping stones. The journey is safe because the child always has a guide, a teacher whose face is turned both towards the child (in concern and care) and towards the destination (the end of each academic year, the end of primary school and life beyond). Though safe, it is necessarily challenging. There are steep climbs, rocky patches, peaceful glades, dense forests, open meadows, beautiful views – for each child these come at different moments, but the guide is always there, always ready to help and support. As each stepping stone is reached, the child feels a great sense of achievement (‘I gave it my best and look where I got!’), greeting the completed target with satisfaction and straining forward with ambition and aspiration.

Certain conditions make travelling enjoyable and achievable. Children need enough sleep to travel well each day. They need times of rest and relaxation, time to enjoy the view. They cannot travel hard all day, all evening and all weekend. Children need applauding as they travel, however far they get.

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